A hobo walks up to you and asks for the time.

You are wandering through the streets of gastown when a haggard and naked man walks up to you. He appears to be bleeding from a jagged gash in his stomach. "Please help me. My name is Murat, and I don't know where I am," he moans, before falling to the ground at your feet.

So you get to a collaborative story website, and it actually works!

Your tired of working, and craving a beer. However, you have a assignment that you should be working on. What should you do?

As you're sitting in the park, you wonder to yourself, "What is love?"

A raver/kandi kid hands you a bracelet.

A guy met a girl, they kept chatting about ...,..,.,........

You have not been able to get all traces of oil out of your clothes from when that guy parked his leaky 74 Trans AM over your laundry bag, which you foolishly left in the street last night when you got home to find your dog chewing on the neighbors cat. Man! If only you didn't need clean shirts for work.

You wake up very early in the morning, and you kind of need to pee. You have to work in two hours, and you could use the extra shuteye. You've been trying to get back to sleep for a few minutes; you think you might be close, but part of you thinks maybe you should just get up and go to the bathroom already, and just get an early start on the day.

You wake up in a cold dark room. Your memory is fuzzy but you clearly remember loud voices calling out numbers. You try to sit up but you are chained by your

You're driving your car when there seems to be a big commotion up ahead, blocking traffic for miles.

Bob woke up. Stumbling around half alseep, scratching his nuts, he walked over to the kitchen. "What shall I have for breakfast?' he asked.

In a world where people can collaborate in real time, one young hobbit must seek out and destroy the one true story to rule them all.

The smallish cat ponders her place upon the sofa. Her eyes just a little too wide for a healthy cat, but still good enough to find that pleasant thing for a cat wafting through the air. An ethereal thing that humans couldn't see. Not malignant, yet to a feline, not quite benign.

A butt takes his poo out for a walk.

Stroke cat orc waLk to bay

Old Pistol Pete, flashed his classic smile when his granddaughter snorted heavily at his massive release of an anal blast.

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the Pokémon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself… I study Pokémon as a profession. There are 2 Pokémon here! Haha! They are inside the Poké Balls. When I was young, I was a serious Pokémon trainer! In my old age, I have only 2 left, but you can have one! Choose!

Another sunset. I'm staring out into the distance while being drawn to the sight of the sun leaving this side of the Earth yet again. There are rays of light cascading down through the clouds that seem to accompany that great glowing mass of light. The sheer brilliance of the moment seems to be too surreal, almost as if the sky itself is fake. Then immediately I remember where I am. I'm walking along the bank of a creek as this beautiful backdrop is taking place. Suddenly, I'm aware of my soul yearning for the person that I love, wishing, hoping and wanting to share this scenery with her. Everything begins to make sense very quickly. I say to myself, 'I haven't done this in a long time. Perhaps she would enjoy this walk with me.' I want to phone her to hear that uniquely sweet voice that no one else seems to have and that I haven't heard in over three years. How do I still remember it? I snap out of the meditation that this scenery has provided me, realizing that I don't have her number, I hardly know what she's up to now days and most of my friends have just as much a clue as I do. My idea is that the sun is guiding me to where she is, the big disk has been all along. I take one last glance back and see a cloud uncovering part of Sol to where everything else brightens up even further. This relieves my puzzled soul and I go back to yearning again, hoping that she can feel me. The phone rings.

On a hill, up top of a tree, on an unspectacular branch, sat Deillo. Deillo was a sprite. In fact, he was a water sprite, so it may be a bit strange for him to be up in a tree with the wood sprites, but Deillo never really did care the lake he came from.

One day I went to the mall.

You arrive in Helsinki and are greeted by a gorgeous redhead. She asks you if you believe in magic.

You plant a seed in your backyard

Once upon a time there was a big wheel. The wheel had no use and had been lying around an old junkyard for many years now. The wheel had very few friends, there was the old waching machine that hadn't been used in years and had started to rust a little bit. The old wheelbarrows and an old gearbox from an old Mazda that was still functioning but nobody seemed to show any interest.

One fine day in the middle of the night...

"Does it feel like that all the time?"

You're standing in a field with your hands tied in front of you, unable to remember as to why you're there or how you even left your house. This field is where you are now, though, and so you begin to look around. The open plain is all but empty, save for a few trees off in the distance, the long, overgrown grass creating a rippling sea. Straight ahead of you, you see something fall from the sky at a high velocity. A small impact explosion of dirt and debris rises up in a cloud of dust. What do you do?

You wake up with a waffle iron in one hand and a ping pong paddle in the other. Your friends uncle Mike comes out of the kitchen and asks what's your favorite Beach Boys song.

" your eyes" Realisation of the voice startles you awake as you sit bolt upright before the explosion of pain strikes your head like a sledgehammer. Unsure of where the voice came from, or even if it's source was even anything more than the faint murmur of your unconscious you groggily take in your surroundings. As the blurriness fades and the room shifts slowly into focus it appears you are in an empty white space. As you focus harder the walls start taking form. They are not solid, they are soft...padded. "No" you think to yourself. "This cannot be what i think it is, i am not crazy!". It is the moment of that determination where you notice what appears to be a purple cat in the corner of the room,, observing you with a look between indifference and disgust.

Somewhere after Europe ends and before Asia begins, a soft-eyed child was born.

You are the deadliest pickle history has ever known. Nobody has ever been able to best you in combat for 50 years until one day...

I danced

You are locked in a prison cell, a guard is sitting outside. He unlocks the door and walks in, he stands above you and shows you a pack of cards. "How many cards are in this deck?"

The Sun is rising and upon your face dribbles loose rays as they pour through the late spring oak-leaves. The cool of yesternight receedes as you fade away from dreamland. You are in the land of hills and rivers, the babbling brook and the canopy sing in harmony with the leaves.

A genie pops up and says, "I'll give you 20 years of experience in something... OR.... $2500"

Over a year ago a witch transformed you into a bird, specifically a seagull. You're flying about eating scraps from the ground and trying not to be attacked when you see that very same witch again. What do you do?

You're working on your masterpiece. Your life's work. It all comes down to these last minutes. You don't know if you can last much longer, but you push on. Every line on the paper is agony, the most beautiful pain, as you inch closer and closer until it's inevitable end. Your crayon breaks. What do you do?

I m failing

What's happening here? Is this some sort of story machine? Where am I?

You are walking up the stairs to your office, when you hear a strange scratching sound coming from across the room... for(i=0;i< 20; i++){ alert("HAHAHA"); confirm("LALALALA");}

you check your phone and it is 8:08 and you yell YES IT IS BOB'OCLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, in the exotic lands of Moo-Shoo, there lived a lady-boy named Chi. His village was small, but his dong was larger than life. This made being a lady boy very difficult. His competition, in the world lady-boy tournament, all had either removed their dongs, or were gifted with micro-dongs. He had a decision to make, should he remove his monster dong or embrace his curse?

A man travels back in time to kill the assassin who killed his daughter. He learns about their history together more clearly and decides whether or not its should be done.

You're walking down the projects with 20 dollar bill in your pocket, a man comes up to you and asks for a dollar...

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The drugs

Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

John Nash goes to the Post office and meets?

hey kevin